BLACKLIST: z–m info

If you search for a person by name or business, you will likely find them listed on a dozen or more directories for the types of work, charity, and community things that they do. I’m on several lists. like this.

The other day I found a new one. Since I hope that these sites will each drive some traffic to , I clicked the little link to edit my information and hopefully combine three different records about me into one complete record. Imagine my surprise when this “directory” site wanted a credit card number for “verification“!!! What gall and nerve!!!

Since they already have my information (pilfered from other directories and legitimate websites), I wrote their “customer service” a nasty note.

So, pay attention out there, people. They looked as legitimate as any other site (similar to Linked In) but obviously have an ulterior motive.

z o o m i n f o (dot) c o m

And, in doing a tiny bit of research, I found that I’m not the only on unhappy with their, ah um, technique:

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