Texas to Colorado +

Our drive from Texas to Colorado was way better this time. We pushed through the first day to Amarillo and saw the TEXAS musical in Palo Duro Canyon. I (L) had never seen it. It was amazing; if you are ever in the area, you should go. The costumes, the talent, the tech, and the […]


We have a contract. We didn’t take the offer with the most money (but it was close). We took the one that was the best fit. There is a realtor in our ‘hood, RS of RS. She’s all butt hurt that we (and the house across from us) didn’t use her. Let’s go over the […]

Exit Stage Right

Packed/Cleaned We finished packing the moving pod and the service picked it up to take it to Denver. We are still finalizing the details of move-in, but we’re soooo close. A pod is totally the way to go. There are several brands now and the cost varies greatly, so that’s worth researching for your next […]

Purge Push

In spite of a lot of pre-purging, we still have a lot to deal with in order to move. But we also have social obligations. I (L) spent an afternoon with J. We had salads and drinks and finally got to catch up on all the things. Her nearly-grown kids are great young humans who […]

The drive back, Days 3 and 4

The drive from Vernon TX to the Fort Worth area was still windy af, but it was much easier otherwise. We were on uncommon roads with little traffic, but still lots of wind and wind farms. The drive was fine, but getting to the RV park was a challenge with construction and a giant detour. […]

The drive back, Day 2 – May the 6th

“May the 4th Be With You” / Star Wars Day is followed closely by “Revenge of the Fifth” or “Revenge of the Sixth” per preference. I (L) find it ironic that we are on our way home to Texas on May the 6th. Many months ago, when we thought COVID-19 would be handled long before […]

The drive back, Day 1 – Star Wars Day

The drive through “western Kansas” (eastern Colorado) was much longer than it looked on the map. It’s deceiving how big Colorado is, especially to us native Texans. It’s an okay drive with cell signal dipping in and out. Crossing into Kansas meant a nicer highway (probably because it’s one of their only ones!), but some […]

Some down time, too

We didn’t just “work” the whole time we were in Denver. We also had some fun/down time. we went out for a short while on Friday night and then Saturday we started our night with steaks to celebrate the contract we did a tiny bit of shopping for furniture ideas and some recreational items we […]

Third time’s a charm

We woke up on Shopping Day 3 with a strong favorite, but we had yet to see two great buildings in a different part of town. One of the buildings was a total bust (ew!) and the other was great, but the unit was teeny tiny. We also didn’t like the area compared to the […]