It’s just so Early

E is officially “pre-retired” as of this past Wednesday. He’ll go back in January for 2-3 days and his exit interview. He offered that I should make him a Honey Do list. His first item was to nap all day, but he hasn’t yet completed that one (gaming got in the way).

I have several 3- and 4-day weekends planned to use up my 2020 vacation. This weekend, with Friday the 13th, was the first of those. We still want to depart Austin in the afternoon and get an additional night in the RV, so we’re still not going all that far out. Desperate for a place we haven’t been Jeepin’ Around in, we landed on Early, Texas. It’s near the geographic center of the state. Nearby towns are Brownwood, Comanche, and even one “named after” our nephew Brady.

Geographic Center of Texas
Geographic Center of Texas
the Jeep enjoys the view!
the Jeep enjoys the view!
The View
The View from atop the observation tower is quite nice.
Mom Was Here
Apparently, Mom was here. She thinks Covid-19 can “suck it,” and we don’t disagree.
hundreds of Purple Martin nests
We took a dirt road down to the river. Under the “eave” of the highway, we found hundreds of purple martin nests.
Beer Garden
It’s not a brewery (and the beer I had was $10!–quite pricey for a tiny town), but this beer garden was too cute to pass up! This place would also be a fabulous reception/party venue.
nearby wind farm
nearby wind farm
harvesting wind for energy
harvesting wind for energy

For the whole weekend, my insomnia decided it liked mornings. I was awake by 5:30 every day. So then I was falling asleep at 9:30 like an old person. ew. I’m ready to join the ranks of the retired (I’m staying at work a little longer for reasons).

I’m also ready for this damn Pandemic to be over so we can get back to some kind of normal schedule that involves later evening activities: hanging out with friends, dancing, chatting, meeting new people, late-night campfires…you know, living!

The very good news is that there are fewer political signs, even way out in redneckville. The bad news is that only the bigot ones are still out there; they can’t seem to let go of their hate. Oh and the area doesn’t have many mask-wearing folks. We–of course–gave them a wide berth. We don’t want to catch their Herpes of Hate or Covid Cooties.

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  1. I just discovered your journal. I myself enjoying your catalog and journey. I went to school with E at St. Joseph’s a long time ago.
    Best of luck on your adventures. I’m still here in Austin. At some point, I’ll have to move on and move froward. I hope you continue to post. I’m interested.

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