Life is a Lot-tery

Our lives have been ultra busy. What else is new?

Processing my mom’s estate was a puzzle (by design due to the drama), so we left it in a holding pattern for a while. Now that my grandmother has also passed away, it’s time to kick all of that into high gear. I need to finish mom’s Estate stuff, process all of the same things for my grandmother, and “un-guardian” her. Plus, we are moving in a few months and some of this stuff ties into some of that stuff. I got so tasky that I closed all the credit union accounts before I moved my direct deposit. whoops.

We’ve both been slammed at work. E’s coworker needs to be out for some medical issues, so they are short staffed. E only has a few weeks left. He’ll stop working for nearly 2 months and then go back for one week. I plan to stay until we get our profit sharing (but SaaS fees, or W-J-R-S-K-S-P may break me before then). My boss knows this timeline, but my team does not. We are down a team member in a second-hand-covid-related way, and while that doesn’t affect me: I can’t catch up. I had one slow day this week and almost didn’t know what to do with myself. And then Friday was like 3 Mondays, so it all worked out on balance.

So basically, we work all week, do estate stuff at lunch or in the evening (gud lort at the multiple copies of the same bad pictures), and then try to RV/Jeep on the weekends.

Speaking of Jeeps, we got to duck our first Jeep last weekend. We parked next to her and left a duck. E happened to see when she was leaving and found the duck. She was jumping-up-and-down excited and yelled to us, “this is my first time!” A day or two later, E put our #DuckDuckJeep “tat” /sticker on the Jeep. 

Our main outlet is the motorhome. She was back in the shop for warranty work. The deal I made with one tech was that we’d drop her off when they had an opening. That tech didn’t share that info with the rest of the team, so she sat there for several days before anyone looked at her. It takes another few days to get “permission” (they think they are cute for calling it an Authorization) for the warranty work. Meanwhile I’m screaming out loud to no one, “She doesn’t even have plates, yet!” Yes, we bought her in May and we got plates while she was there. It’s October! I got nowhere with the tech, but when E talked to him, a plan was hatched. We’re keeping the RV while they await permission/authorization.

Yeah, it’s a really sexist industry. I paid the deposit and balance, but they put everything in E’s name, anyway. And with the current political climate and RBG’s passing and the cultist nominee, that stuff matters. I’m not a second class citizen just because I was born with ovaries and would-be-boobs instead of someday-testicles and a ding-a-ling. And that fight is getting old. Dear all women: stop fucking all republicans and libertarians. We weild the power to create balance. Use it for the greater good.

This weekend, we are at a place we scouted two weeks ago. It’s on the Guadalupe River and is known for tubing and trout. Who knew those were the same? A coworker of E’s was here just a couple of weeks ago to fly fish. This place is grand in part because of the weather and the full moon. We like the people, too, unlike some places we’ve scouted or stayed where people fly their hateful bigot flags proudly. Earlier a small group went Down By The River to play a guitar/fiddle and sit by a fire. As I’m posting this it’s nearly 2am–insomnia on a night owl is a crazy mess–and I can hear “cocktail chatter” and a little music, and people partying politely. There were also a lot of after-dark arrivals. My guess is that everyone will sleep in just a little. Even the kids have been good so far.  

Next weekend, we are going a little further away, for a little longer stay, and will meet some friends-of-friends. We need the break, and it will be nice to be among familiars, even at a six-foot distance. #NewNormal

And then a funny thing happened. Between “three Mondays” and an Estate appointment, I was so busy on Friday that I couldn’t listen to the weekly company call. Welp, I won a spot in the vacation house lottery; coworkers had to send me “you won!” messages. After the people who got screwed out of it due to Covid get their picks (totes fair!), I’m in the group that gets dibs. We’ve been to each vacation house one time; we even took dear friends to them both. The beach house–in Port A–is quite nice, but the mountain house–near Breckenridge–is shah-weet! Here we sit, just months away from our move to Denver-ish, and I win the lottery to stay near Denver. If we can get a week up there with good timing, we’ll go and use the time to house hunt. Who knows, we might even use the luck to move Finley (my Rav-4) up there. 

2 thoughts on “Life is a Lot-tery

    • Thanks. It’s amazing how much drama a death can stir. Luckily, I have a close ally backing up my mom’s desires and our family’s decisions to Beverly F (whoever she is!). Mama Bee’s passing was met with much more appropriate behavior; the Pandemic helped.

      Good to hear from you! Hope you are all doing well.

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