Warranty Round Two

Apparently, it is common for new RVs to go in for a lot of warranty work. As I understand it, the production line does really shoddy work because they know the dealerships will have to take up the slack. That’s probably worse in a Covid year than normal.

We figured it was best to tolerate things until we had more than 2. So, now that there are 3 things wrong, we’re taking her in. We have an appointment, so here’s hoping it’s all easy fixes and we get her back on Friday. Even if they aren’t done, we plan to pick her up, go out again next weekend, and then drop her back off. They had her for nearly 3 months the first time (for a $25 backordered part), so They. Can. Deal.

So, this weekend we are east of San Marcos so that it will be convenient to drop the rig off in Buda on our way home. This place is enormous. Just like a big apartment complex or large hotel, the advantage of a big place is great amenities: good WiFi (really good!), pool with tanning shelf, hot tub, lake with fishing docks and fountains, party pavilion, laundry, cabins for those without RVs, clubhouse, and even a convenience store with freshly made pizzas.

This afternoon, we went Jeepin’ Around near Canyon Lake. We drove past the gorge we toured when we vacationed there several years ago. We even found one of our all-time favorite bars (closed, of course).

Tonight, we will watch the Stars play for the Stanley Cup while we also watch the Miami Hurricanes. If the wind dies down enough, we’ll sit outside for the games. This break in the weather is quite nice, and we want to take advantage while we can!

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