Pandemic Happenings

This Pandemic has been stressful. First, I couldn’t go see Mama Bee. Then, work sent us all home to work from there. Then, E’s work did the same. Then, we thought it would last a month or so and it’s been over half of the year.

In our ‘hood, even the yard birds wear masks.

Luckily, before things got too crazy, we bought the RV and the Jeep to tow behind it. We’ve done a lot of Jeepin’ Around and a little RVing, too. They are both things we can safely since we can keep to ourselves. The closest we come to people is when we pop in to a convenience store or get takeout. We are staying 6′ away from everyone and masked up. (It sure would be nice if everyone followed the same rules. If they had, this mess would likely be over by now.) Religious nut jobs seem to be the worst offenders…as if their god can’t hear a prayer from home.

Anyway, here are some pics of some of our adventuring.

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