Election Fraud-ian

Title mine. Content quoted with permission from an online friend.

“[Trumpits] wanna talk election fraud; let’s do this:

1. Appointing a Postmaster General to deliberately slow the delivery of absentee ballots is election fraud.

2. Demanding that the counting of ballots be stopped on election night and falsely declaring yourself the winner is election fraud.

3. Deliberately undermining confidence in our democratic system is election fraud.

4. Voter suppression is a form election fraud.

5. Refusing to strengthen the security of our system against known cyber-attacks and foreign interference is a form of election fraud.

6. Openly inviting the Russians to interfere in 2016 was deliberate election fraud.

7. Extreme gerrymandering is election fraud.

8. The deliberate placing of fraudulent vote drop-off boxes in minority communities is election fraud.

9. Only having one drop-off location in minority counties when the next county over, with a majority white population, got something like 10 different locations is election fraud.

10. Mounting a massive misinformation campaign both before and after an election and claiming voter fraud well before a single vote has even been cast with ZERO legitimate evidence is election fraud.

Every time [tiny hands] accuses someone of something, he’s just projecting what he’s already done himself.

Joe Biden didn’t win this election because of election fraud.
He won it in spite of it.”

Maybe drumpf didn’t get enough boob from his mom…
…and that’s why he’s still a titty baby.

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