Election Fraud-ian

Title mine. Content quoted with permission from an online friend. “[Trumpits] wanna talk election fraud; let’s do this: 1. Appointing a Postmaster General to deliberately slow the delivery of absentee ballots is election fraud. 2. Demanding that the counting of ballots be stopped on election night and falsely declaring yourself the winner is election fraud. […]


Seriously, if we could stop electing narrow-minded, bigoted, racist, anti-science, homophobic misogynists to office, that’d be great.

— Phil Plait (@BadAstronomer) March 27, 2015

They’re Ruining WiFi

I get a LOT more done during the day if I go somewhere than I do if I stay home. So, I’m pretty familiar with all the WiFi spots near me. I know which ones have a good/strong signal, which ones nag for multiple logins, which places have good food, and even which of my […]