Cash is King; Disaster-relief Donations

{[I was going to post this on facebook in response to one of my college friends (and a ZTA sister) asking for donations of cash, instead of clothing/food for disaster relief. She’s right. …but that doesn’t diminish my concerns or alter my ability to donate. So, rather than endure the wrath of facebook, I’m posting it on our personal blog.]}

[“A message from my friends working disaster relief in Joplin and other recent disaster areas– No more stuff! Money is what is most needed and will be for months to come. Trucks of donated goods are clogging the streets and used clothes are piling up in ironic mountains. Give money to a disaster relief agency you know and trust. Spread the word. (via Diana Rothe-Smith)”]

While all of this is true (cash is KING!), people give what they can. We saw a lot of this with Hurricane Andrew, didn’t we?

I’m also jaded from non-profits who “redesignate” the money donated. How can we be sure our money goes to the actual relief effort?

I don’t mean to sound snappish/political. It’s a real question/concern I have. I want to give, but not if the money I donate will be re-routed. And then, because I can’t be sure, I end up doing nothing.

At least my clothing/food donation might help. After all, that kind of donation can’t be mis-appropriated!

Yes I realize that I’m missing a key point to the original request, “a disaster relief agency you know and trust.” Trouble is, I don’t know of any I can trust.

So, if you truly trust a non-profit in disaster-relief efforts, feel free to share which one. I do not trust the American Red Cross or the United Way. Interestingly, they are the ones who are always quickest to set up the $10 donations via text message.



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