Beer Float

We have a new warm-weather date that is just perfect for a “school night”: beer floats

Now, before you gross out–assuming we didn’t already lose you–it’s just beer for me and ice cream (in the form of a shake) for E.

Amazingly, a place that has both of these was initially difficult to find, but we realized on a lunch date at Waterloo that we can celebrate this little funness close to home, perfect for a “school night”!

P.S. This post brought to you by my new iPhone!!!

2 thoughts on “Beer Float

  1. Sounds AWESOME! I’ve always been surprised at how good the Guinness floats are at Alamo, but they don’t taste much like beer.

    And HORRAY!! for the new phone! Now you too can be completely cut off from using your phone during SXSW. 🙂

  2. Really? If they have a vegan version, I’ll have to try it!

    Oh, and this year at SXSW, everyone had similar (wonderfuly infrequent) service interruptions. Even I will admit it wasn’t just the AT&T users.

    And, yes, finally, we can App & stuff like the geeks we are! Thank you, Verizon Wireless and the new-in-two program!

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