Oh My Deer

This weekend, we stayed at a golf course. It’s a small park with just a park host, two small pavilions, bathhouse, and laundry. It’s very clean, and it’s oh so quiet. Guess why? No children. There is nothing here for them. It’s a proper adult place.

This is what we like about camping. A quiet place. A pretty place. L can’t wait to boondock; E is less excited about that idea.

The only problem with this place is that there is no WiFi. After big plates of meatball stroganoff (yum!), we used unlimited data on a phone to hotspot Miami’s win over NC State, but it was less than mediocre for sports.

Deer roaming the foggy fairway is a wonderful morning view.

Even Better

Biden’s win being officially declared was a fabulous way to greet Saturday morning! What a beautiful day for humane people! The last four years have shown us how much hate is still in our country. And we know that it comes from the rural and uneducated areas. Every city in the US, every single real-sized city, went blue. Access to culture, arts, education, and people who are different matters. That is the definition of humanity. And that is a quality that the red voters simply don’t have.

Since hot spotting football was weak, Saturday’s Jeepin’ Around time started with scouting for bars/restaurants with patios. We found two.

We had lunch at the house where Texas Chain Saw Massacre was filmed. (They have a nice menu, a cute bar with a little patio, and a fabulous upstairs room for private cocktail events.) We even made some new friends from 6′ away. They were staying in one of the cabooses that has been converted.

Then we found a wonderful pocket park next to Lake LBJ. The day was gorgeous, so we watched people boating, skiing, kayaking, and fishing. Later, the other restaurant/bar was open-air and was perfect for watching the Aggies slaughter the ‘Cocks.

One of the cool things about this little/unknown RV park is that checkin and checkout can be very fluid. No one came by to make sure we were out of the spot by a certain time. We slept in, took our time breaking down camp, enjoyed the nice temperatures, and moseyed the motorhome back to her storage lot.

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