The drive back, Days 3 and 4

The drive from Vernon TX to the Fort Worth area was still windy af, but it was much easier otherwise. We were on uncommon roads with little traffic, but still lots of wind and wind farms. The drive was fine, but getting to the RV park was a challenge with construction and a giant detour. […]

Oh My Deer

This weekend, we stayed at a golf course. It’s a small park with just a park host, two small pavilions, bathhouse, and laundry. It’s very clean, and it’s oh so quiet. Guess why? No children. There is nothing here for them. It’s a proper adult place. This is what we like about camping. A quiet […]

Silly Kitty

This week, Purrrrrl decided that our clean laundry was just for her. Sosta used to do this all the time, but I don’t recall Purrrrrl ever doing it. . @purrrrrl thought today's clean laundry was just for her comfort. Silly kitty. 1/2 — xxXxx is stuuuuupid, EM is hateful (@theUcane) June 20, 2016 . […]

Birthday Bacchanalâ„¢ 2012

E and several of our #childfree friends have late-November through early-December birthdays: Kelly, Jeff, E, Judy, and Ryan. So, we made a huge weekend out of it for all of them. Friday, Jeff, Judy, E, and I went for Thai lunch in Cedar Park on our way to Flat Creek Estate winery. We had the […]

Cat Diets and Begging

Diet is a Four Letter Word For the last ~2 years, we’ve been working on getting @Purrrrrl‘s weight down. Boring How We Got Here Story While we used to free-feed them dry food, we switched to canned for a while. Her sensitive tummy, means days of mixing food and lots of accidents. Canned food was […]