Cat Diets and Begging

Diet is a Four Letter Word

For the last ~2 years, we’ve been working on getting @Purrrrrl‘s weight down.

Boring How We Got Here Story

While we used to free-feed them dry food, we switched to canned for a while. Her sensitive tummy, means days of mixing food and lots of accidents. Canned food was a pain if we wanted to go away for more than just the day, but we made it work. At the next “Kitty Weight Watchers” “weigh in”, we learned she’d only lost a few ounces. She’s a cat, so that’s good progress, but she needs to lose several pounds, so when the next “weigh in” showed she’d gained, we went food shopping again. Another pet store owner told us about this grain-free dry stuff. Well, it makes her sick. We kept trying it because she kept showing signs she was getting more accustomed to it. However, she has proven to me that, given the right circumstances, she can poop faster than I can clean. After trying for too long, we went back to the canned.

New Game and Some Kitty Conversation

Because we are feeding them limited amounts and on a schedule, I have an alarm in my phone for 9:00 each 12 hours. They can’t eat until my phone meows. Still, anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours before 9 o’clock, they beg. Today, Purrrrl sat next to me at the computer at 8:50am and the conversation went like this:

Purrrrrl: Meow

me: Not yet. Ten more minutes

Purrrrrl: Meow

me: No. Ten minutes.

Purrrrrl: Meow

me: Eleven minutes?

Purrrrrl: Meow

me: Twleve minutes?

Purrrrrl: [scoffed like a teenager and walked away.]

I knew cats could show angst and be flippant, but who knew they could count???

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