Free to a good barn – Marble Kitty

[Update: Pekny is now missing. He ran her off, apparently. Then, Marble went missing for a couple days. Late one night as we were headed to bed, I heard him warbling on our front porch asking to come in. This emotional roller coaster has to stop. He needs a home different than the one we have.]

[Update 2: we have a maybe/trial home, but I’m not expecting it work. He has claws and she has a leather couch. Marble really needs a barn and mice to chase. For those of you with friends who have a farm/ranch, please ask around to see if someone needs a good barn kitty.]

Marble is a 4yo Bombay cat (black with bright yellow/golden eyes). He’s super affectionate and will demand attention when he needs it.

long tail

Likes to be around people, will lay on floor stretching and showing belly for petting.

Likes to sleep with people when napping or at night.

Will talk to outside critters through window, laser pointers, and people.

Been an indoor cat since adoption.

Uses a litter box (though a cat door to a controlled area) well.

Eats both dry and wet food, not picky about brand, has been fed chicken and turkey, mostly.

The few times Marble has been around a dog, he was quite curious and wanted to meet them; did not hiss, just smelled and attempted to rub on their legs.

We adopted him from the Austin Animal Shelter when he was 5 months old.

Marble has grown to be an assertive cat towards our other two cat. He picks on them her and tries to dominate on a regular basis. This has kept the other two cats from having a good home; one cowers in hiding 100% of the time.

Marble is fixed and current on all his shots and tests.

...because everything should be just AYW ...because everything should be just AYW ...because everything should be just AYW

...because everything should be just AYW ...because everything should be just AYW

Favorite non-toy: straws.

Favorite Movie: How To Train Your Dragon. He likes to emulate Toothless.

Favorite thing to do while prepping for taxes: help.

Favorite way to sleep: “on” the next warmest critter

Favorite element: fire.

Favorite weather: sunbeams.

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