Merry Gift-giving Time to Us!

We got presents for #DomaLuza on Tuesday! Merry gift-giving time to us!

The new fridge/dryer/microwave were supposed to arrive between 12noon and 4pm, but they called and asked if they could come early due to some cancellations. So, I hurried to haul all the stuff out of the soon-to-be-old fridge while they worked on the microwave. In less than 2 hours, we had a new set.


Our cheaply-made refaced cabinets weren’t sturdy enough to support the top bracing (something our other one didn’t have), but E found a piece of wood to reinforce the joints and the problem was quickly solved.


The Home Depot guy gave us all the specs on all the installs but one: he didn’t ask if the dryer was in a garage. Technically, it needs to be on a platform to keep it and the car from being on the same plane. Since we were $6 shy of saving another $100 with our purchase, that would have been an easy add-on. I’d go back, now, and ask them to retroactively add it to our purchase, but I don’t want to get the installation guys in trouble for installing it without. And, after using it just one time, I realize we need some height, so we might build something…maybe.


Oh it’s so pretty! I’m learning how to arrange our stuff differently in the new shape, but it’s a nice unit. We had to call a plumber to come fix the water valve. Today, E hooked up the long water line we bought. We’re putting the new fridge along the wall of the kitchen because it’s too big for the nook, so we also have some conduit running along the baseboard. We just need to pull three pitchers of water and three batches of ice to flush all the new out. We turned the pantry back to the cooking side of the fridge. And, some of the “loose” stuff we had in the kitchen are now in the nook that the old fridge left behind. Bonus: I can reach/use those upper cabinets.

Bonus: Water Test

Because we agreed to let some company test our water, we’ll get a $20 gift card to Home Depot. Maybe we’ll also find out why our water tastes so bad.

"they're here!"

“they’re here!”



The final setup...for now.

The final setup…for now.


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