Cat Proof Gardening


I’ve been wanting fresh vine-ripened tomatoes all year. But, even if we grew “patio tomatoes” (hat tip to our friend Pam who told me these exist!), Marble would get into them and make a mess. le sigh.

E, or Genius from this point forward, had the perfect idea. We have a Romeo & Juliet balcony off our dining room. French doors open to a railing with no landing. It will be lovely in the fall when we want to open the windows. While I was at CroKnit on Monday evening, E bought a planter made for railings, three pots, three plants, and soil.

With any luck, I’ll have some fresh tomatoes and cayenne peppers (one plant already has one!). Yum!

Cat Proof Gardening

Cat Proof Gardening (My apologies for the weak photo quality. My iPhone has a pretty good camera, but not for background sky or depth of field.)


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