Texas to Colorado +

Our drive from Texas to Colorado was way better this time. We pushed through the first day to Amarillo and saw the TEXAS musical in Palo Duro Canyon. I (L) had never seen it. It was amazing; if you are ever in the area, you should go. The costumes, the talent, the tech, and the canyon as both a character and also as a backdrop are all grand.

Our lovely CO Realtor was nice enough to leave our keys at our front desk, so we got in right away. We parked the Jeep in her new garage spot and went on a walking errand to an urban Target for a few essentials. We smelled weed on the way there and back, which is quite freeing. Between this errand and our balcony view, we witnessed three couples’ fights. We think they all broke up. Urban life is exciting.

I realized that this is the second largest place I’ve ever lived. It’s only a 2/2.5, but it’s bigger than every place other than the WW house in Bryan.

The pod company lost our container. That was a “fun” phone call to wake up to on move-in day. They found it a few hours later, but it was far too late. We had already rescheduled everything: parking meters, loading dock & elevators, movers, etc.. That meant 8 *more* days when we can’t unpack.

We saged the condo (thanks to our friend J for teaching us how to do that). We have also used the free time to research, schedule, and consider: flooring, shades, fans with good switches, a sofa, and even upholstery for a chair my grandmother gave me many years ago. We also found some new friends (in addition to our Realtor, now that we’re not clients): in our building, through E’s First Wife, and by generally just hanging out.

From our balcony, we can see and hear the Rockies games.

We used Lime/Bird/Lyft scooters to go buy a few things from the nearest grocery store. We also used them to get to another building near us. We both got new hair and I got new nails.

This weekend, we were ultra urbanities. We walked to the local Juneteenth celebration. It’s in Five Points, which is the “Harlem of the West” and is a fun historic area to wander through. It was a good little festival, but the not-great parade needs some additional event planning. I lost my ID on the way there, but by the time we came home, it was on the ledge of our building and had been saved by a good samaritan. I guess I dropped it on the way out of our building.

I went to a ladies wine/pool party and then we went to our first Foam party. Both were a great time!

Finally, we went to the area around Coors Field on a game day. Hanging out near the stadium and all that energy was a blast.

As usual, happy “un” Fathers’ Day. I never got to spend mine with my amazing dad (because my maternal grandfather’s mom was a selfish bitch who insisted that the family reunion be on fathers’ day).

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