We have a contract. We didn’t take the offer with the most money (but it was close). We took the one that was the best fit.

There is a realtor in our ‘hood, RS of RS. She’s all butt hurt that we (and the house across from us) didn’t use her. Let’s go over the why of that.

  • She’s on the HOA board. It’s a conflict of interest for her to make money off residents she “governs” even if that is a small degree.
    She’d be last picked for this reason.
  • She is also crazy and spawned one of the the craziest people in our ‘hood. (Yep, after she negotiated her daughter’s buy, a few years later, she moved from DFW to our little ‘hood.) Crazy is exhausting.
    She’d be not picked for this reason.
  • She moved the other house’s For Sale sign and practically buried it up in the bushes completely covering the phone number of their Realtor.
    She moved our’s too, but we put it back and added a 15′ flag. When we got over there Monday, she had moved it again, moved the flag to our front porch, and apparently cut loose and stole (? hid? trashed?) our Realtor’s photo/name/phone placard. I don’t know what those things cost, but I bet they aren’t cheap since they are full color. I emailed her about it and copied the HOA board. And at the suggestion of J, I’m also going to tell the board of realtors.
    She’s getting tattled on for this reason.

If you need a Realtor in Austin, let one of us know. We’ll see if any of the ones we know are a good fit. We love KM of BH, NL, and several others.

The buyer isn’t white. The bigot beside us is going to be sooooo angry! hahahahah

So, we’re hanging around for a little bit (our what-if time, and also to pack up a little bit) and then rolling out of here. On our way through, we’re going to see Texas in Palo Duro Canyon as a farewell, Texas treat.

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