Purge Push

In spite of a lot of pre-purging, we still have a lot to deal with in order to move. But we also have social obligations.

  • I (L) spent an afternoon with J. We had salads and drinks and finally got to catch up on all the things. Her nearly-grown kids are great young humans who will do wonderful things, so seeing them after school and hearing about their days was fun, too. And, they have decided to adopt Turtleor! He’ll be N’s responsibility, but in a family area of their home. He’s going to love all the attention!
  • We also did an online offer on my RAV4. It is a 2019 and CarMax wanted to pay $30K for it! I think we only pid $35K or $36K, so that was an offer we couldn’t pass up. I have grown to hate Toyota of Cedar Park with the passion of a thousand finely hells (starting with 4.5 hours to pick up the car we had already paid for). I’ve also grown to hate the car itself for all the damn beeping. I get and use/love all the safety features, but the beeping every time a line is faded is annoying. The “screaming” beeps over little things is too much: the seatbelt not being clicked fast enough (in our 5mph speed-bump-filled neighborhood) or a door being opened before the car is turned off (um, it’s Texas and it’s freakin’ hot. We run the car until we’ve gathered ALL the things we need; then, we turn off the car and get the rest of the way out!). We have one parking spot in the new garage, so getting rid of my ride was meant to be.
  • E gathered up all the tools and kept what he wanted. I picked out a few more little pieces. The rest, we offered to R&J. He had borrowed a few in the past to build something really cool, so we just gave them all he wanted. The rest will go to Goodwill.
  • We got to see F&S for dinner. We’d seen F a couple of times when S was busy, but it had been months since the four of us had hung out. It was a nice evening and we got to hear about a ton of interviews she’s had.
  • I moved all the music and files to my laptop so we could wipe my old desktop. It will also go to Goodwill’s Tech Center. Then, we can break down the desk and donate it. That and some more purging will free up a large area where we can start to stack the things we do plan to move. This way, we’ll have an idea of what size pod to get.
  • We saw S (for lunch) for the first time since before the Pandemic started. It was great to catch up. He has a cousin that lives about 8 blocks from our new place. Yay for a connection!
  • We sent in our ballot for the new board members for the HOA, but we skipped the shit-show that the meeting was going to be. It’s always bad, but they weren’t prepared for 6′ between owners and the ability for everyone to see and hear. I could have made a BINGO card and made a game of it for everyone, but that would take work.
  • I’ve also been working on digitally arranging furniture in a layout app on the iPad, pinning living room furniture we like, and developing a color palette for the open space of the condo. The layout is a bit odd, so there are some challenges, but we’ll make it work. It’s really nice to get to move so few pieces/things.
  • We are about to start packing breakables and “art” (such that ours is). We are also going to neaten as much was we can before our REALTORĀ® comes over on Monday. She knows the gig: listing it As Is and for near market and we get to control the move-out and closing dates. In this city and this time, we get to be as picky as we want. Gosh, that feels good after all the short straws we’ve had. Regardless, it will sell quickly, so we have to be ready by the day it goes online.

So, a busy few days is about to get a lot busier. At least I’ll get my steps in.

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