Shopping Days 1 and 2

Snow! L woke up from an altitude headache disappointed to discover that it had not snowed, after all…but a few minutes later it started and went on for over an hour. The motorhome had worked hard to keep us warm by running the heat non-stop. Day one, we saw 9 condos in 6 buildings that […]

The drive up

[This blog post is post-dated for our safety. Written 27Apr.] After a planned night out with some friends, we started to make our way to Denver. We purposely picked a 3-day drive so it would be easier. SO VERY glad we did that. Austin to Lubbock The drive from Austin (to the Georgetown storage lot) […]

Let’s Do This

[This blog post is post-dated for our safety. Written 22Apr.] We have been planning to move to Denver for a couple of years. And now, that dream is eeking toward reality. We just got the RV back from some “trifecta” repairs (big-freeze damage, some warranty stuff, and even a recall). We took her to a […]

DDS Scummy Scam

As if dental stuff wasn’t bad enough, now they’ve added scummy scamming. Not long after we moved to Austin, I fired DDS H1 for his incompetent staff and their massive insurance mistakes that I had to fix. A couple of years ago, I fired his replacement, DDS H2. The work he did was good, but […]

RIP mom

E’s mom hadn’t been great for a while. A few years ago, after a fall and a broken back that required rehab, she busted out of her “promotion” to Assisted Living. She was trying to go home. On foot. Without any keys. In 100+ degree weather. Miles from the house. More than just a time […]

Vacay 2020

What a year it’s been. Like most, we didn’t get to take any real vacations. So, we used the holidays (and the RV) to rectify that and spent Christmas through New Year’s in the RV near the Ouachita National Forest and Hot Springs, Arkansas. We hiked one long day and two short ones; the views […]

Owies! and Thanks!

Ouch! A few weeks ago, our Jeep caught a big rock to the windshield. We have always had good glass replacement options through State Farm, but the times have changed. Windshields have a lot of tech in them these days: radar cruise, lane assist, blind spot monitoring, etc.. Even with State Farm’s contribution, it was […]

It’s just so Early

E is officially “pre-retired” as of this past Wednesday. He’ll go back in January for 2-3 days and his exit interview. He offered that I should make him a Honey Do list. His first item was to nap all day, but he hasn’t yet completed that one (gaming got in the way). I have several […]

Election Fraud-ian

Title mine. Content quoted with permission from an online friend. “[Trumpits] wanna talk election fraud; let’s do this: 1. Appointing a Postmaster General to deliberately slow the delivery of absentee ballots is election fraud. 2. Demanding that the counting of ballots be stopped on election night and falsely declaring yourself the winner is election fraud. […]