Shopping Days 1 and 2

Snow! L woke up from an altitude headache disappointed to discover that it had not snowed, after all…but a few minutes later it started and went on for over an hour. The motorhome had worked hard to keep us warm by running the heat non-stop.

Day one, we saw 9 condos in 6 buildings that were nearly all within walking distance of each other. Some were easy to eliminate, including some that we loved online, but were not the right fit in real life. Day two, we drove to some of the outliers and saw five more, including some we love. We already have contenders.

Some went Pending before we could see them. But we have a really great attitude about it all. If we missed it, it wasn’t meant to be. We know the right home will pick us.

To reward our hard work, we rested, had dinner, and found a sports bar to watch the NFL Draft. L cheered when two Miami players went in Round One! #NFLU #theU

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