Let’s Do This

[This blog post is post-dated for our safety. Written 22Apr.]

We have been planning to move to Denver for a couple of years. And now, that dream is eeking toward reality.

We just got the RV back from some “trifecta” repairs (big-freeze damage, some warranty stuff, and even a recall). We took her to a Corps of Engineers park in Belton for a “shakedown” and all* seems to be back to normal.

Next, we head to Denver on a wild ride (like Mr. Toad’s!).

  • 3 days up, with stops in Lubbock and Trinidad CO
  • 7 days there to condo shop and to see B (E’s “first wife”) and S; we also have some new friends to meet while there
  • 4 days back, with a “layover” in Dallas to see some friends

It’s going to be a fun journey. Here’s hoping we find the condo of our dreams on the first trip.

* The backup and left/right cameras still aren’t working. This was at least the third attempt at a fix…and they replaced the entire tablet. We might have to talk to Jayco next. This lack of QA/QC at the manufacturer level is exhausting. Forcing that onto customers and dealerships is categorically unfair to them both.

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