The drive back, Day 2 – May the 6th

“May the 4th Be With You” / Star Wars Day is followed closely by “Revenge of the Fifth” or “Revenge of the Sixth” per preference. I (L) find it ironic that we are on our way home to Texas on May the 6th. Many months ago, when we thought COVID-19 would be handled long before a full-on Pandemic developed, we picked May 6th as our target move date. It’s an average of two things: the last day of freezing temps and the last day of snowfall accumulation. Both B and our Realtor (S) like to garden. They both told us you can’t plant anything until after Mother’s Day. None of that is a concern for us since we will be in a high-rise.

It’s still weird to be coming back to Texas on the day we hoped we’d be moving. We aren’t very far “behind” the timeline, though. The inspection came back today with a few little things. S is going to check on a couple of them for us. The HOA might be responsible for some of the information we need. The rest is going back to the sellers to see if they’ll have fixed before they move out the three-ish little things they have in the unit. Whatever isn’t covered by those will be addressed via our home warranty. Easy peasy. We close on the 24th, so if we can clean out our Austin house and scheduled the move, we can be in Denver and overseeing a flooring installation by early June. Fingers crossed.

Our drive from Hays through the rest of Kansas and all the way across Oklahoma was okay. There are a lot of skinny highways (with no shoulder) and there were a lot of “jogs” to move from one highway, onto another, and then back on the same basically straight line we started on. Still, it was peaceful with little traffic, polite drivers, and pretty views through mostly tribal lands.

Once we were checked in at the RV park and settled, we headed to dinner at a local Mexican joint. Our food, drinks, and service were all ¡fabulouso!

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