The Local Dive

Ok, on Monday, we learned that two folks associated with one of our local hangouts were hospitilized.

1) Stroke…seemingly a bit severe for the moment. We have the best of hopes that the paralysis is temporary.
2) Out-of-state motorbike accident of some sort…requiring amputation of the “good” leg (the other is still recovering from an ACL surgery)

and then, today, we learned that there was a third.

3) Over an incident of a honk (!!!), road rage ensued. The attacker got out of his car and beat the victim. The victim is now in ICU!!!

what the…?

I don’t think we’ll be hanging out there in the near future. Something is wrong with their karma!

1 thoughts on “The Local Dive

  1. J is doing much better, and is in very good spirits. Ralph & I took him some magazines last night. He walked down the hall yesterday with his physical therapist. He is gaining the use of his right side but still can’t use his right arm. Makes it kinda hard to do things but he is taking it well and laughs it off. He says it feels like his leg is asleep but he can still feel it. He will still be there for a few more days for observation and lots more tests.

    G1 is still in Tennessee and will be there for a while longer. The transition will be a challenge but he has lots of friends to help him along the way.

    G2 is still in the ICU and we will visit him soon, he can only be seen by family right now. And his condition is only being released to family.

    As far as the karma thing goes. These three people are the nicest sweetest people that you can meet. (G2 goes to old folks homes dressed as a clown to make them laugh.) So I think their karma is fine 😉 It’s unfortunate that these types of things have to happen to the good people. It’s times like this that the opportunity should be used by all of us to tell our friends and family how much we love them and care about them.

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