an amazing day

I’ve been in a slump. That’s no surprise to anyone around me. It’s just been this endless cycle of needs and tasks and stuff that I can’t get done and it’s depressing.

This week, the stress has kicked my in the behind. I’ve had a giant stress-induced allergy attack that lasted for a week and took a lot of drugs. It seems (knock on wood) to finally be under control. This week, it was insomnia that reared it’s ugly head. None of this is good for my physical or emotional well-being.

So, at 4:30am on Wednesday, I emailed work and said I couldn’t be there. At 11am, I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. That hadn’t happened in a while, so I was a little freaked out. The rest of my day was fabulous:

  • took a friend to work ’cause her car is ill
  • ran several overdue errands in a short amount of time, recruited at least 1 friend to AggieBarCrawl(.com) and another person to Fall Homecoming
  • made dinner for some friends who did me a huge favor
  • met with (and adore!) a potential wedding coordinator, have someone new to call on for help when I get overwhelmed and need an extra set of hands
  • served dinner to my friends
  • went to a “Calendar Girls”-inspired photo shoot. Our friends/models were amazing! Our photographer/friend was top notch. After such a fabulous creative experience, I came home on a complete high….batteries recharge and ready to face parts of my world again.

Thank you, all for sticking by me while I get through this slump. I feel like I can tackle a few things, now! Maybe I’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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