Regarding those upset by the fact Hooters is coming to Bryan

“I thought it was agreed that Central Baptist Church in College Station, which is in Bryan, along with Texas Ave. Baptist Church, which is by the East Bypass and College Station Baptist Church, which is on Texas Ave.(not to be confused with First Baptist Church, College Station) have decided that the members of the First Baptist Church in Bryan should be able to eat at Hooters before the other congregations in order to let everyone know how horrible the conditions are, and if the wings are any good.”

GAWSH, I love TexAgs!

1 thoughts on “Regarding those upset by the fact Hooters is coming to Bryan

  1. What are you quoting from? Since we switched teams (not many Baptist teams in this part of the country) I no longer receive the Baptist Standard!

    My in-laws are at FBC Bryan. I’ll have to give them this recommendation for Sunday dinner.

    Hope all is well. You inspired me to join Twitter but I’m finding my life is depressingly mundane.

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