Days 30-32 of 30+17


  • walked with Jes and the dogs
  • Getting Things Done
  • MOSS football lunch with some of our friends
  • errands and Getting Things Done
  • went to Northgate to meet a volunteer, but he couldn’t make it, so we hung out with friends


  • slept in a bit
  • Getting Things Done
  • brunch
  • errands
  • re-organize the office furniture
  • dinner
  • shopping
  • finish setting up the office
  • pack up all Halloween decor
  • E made a casserole for breakfast the next day
  • chatted with a couple of friends
  • hired a friend to help me with wedding albums; I meet with her on Monday!


  • hosted breakfast for the Ren Fest goers
  • McKinley was nice enough to drive us to Ren Fest and back
  • we strolled and shopped and drank and ate and watched shows and gawked at horrid costumes

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