Skipping Christmas

I’ve not been clear to everyone about my Christmas intentions. This statement will rectify that.

I Am Skipping Christmas!
(honestly, I’ve tried this for a couple of years, now)

  • I will not do anything that doesn’t bring pure and rich value to my family and friend relationships.
  • I will not participate in annual “holiday” parties that happen to be held during the “holiday” season; there are 11 other months in which groups can celebrate, they do not all have to be in December.
  • I will not participate in organization/charity/whatever parties; again, there are 11 other chances to do so.
  • I will not give to an “angel tree”; too many of these are scams or seek to get free high-end items instead of what kids need.
  • I will not carol; there are plenty of these in stores—and have been since before Hallowe’en in some cases.
  • I will not participate in any state-funded celebration of Christmas, or any other religion; there are laws favoring the separation of “church” and state.

In short, I am only willing to exchange gifts because of the influence of two family members. Otherwise, my ideal would be to celebrate with family/friends/food only. Don’t get me wrong: I DO want to celebrate Xmas; I just want to do so in a pure manner. I don’t want to get sucked into the commercialization of it all.

If you are planning a gift for me, please consider one that is handmade or recyclable. Please don’t be offended if your’s is the same. I’m working hard to preserve the Earth this Christmas. If you can’t make/recycle/reuse something into a gift for me, please consider gifts that are committed to the environment.

If you are having a “pure” Xmas, email me: I’d love to hear about it.


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