Special Treat

Recently, we had a special treat. In seeing to the needs of a client, I offered to make a delivery to his work. He said to call when we got there and that he would buzz me in. I dragged E along for the “field trip”.

…and we both made our first visit ever to an airport’s control tower! I know it’s just our “little” airport, but it was amazing! We were invited back during a busier time-frame, so we could see more activity.

We are lucky to be American citizens who can enter a facility like this. Now that I work for StarVision, I have a better grasp of these rules regarding foreign nationals and Homeland Security. I was thrilled to see the airport from such a unique point of view and to learn so very much about air traffic control. Wow!

Thank you, Mr. Turpen
(post delayed so his daughter-in-law doesn’t know he’s ordered stuff for her for Christmas!)

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