Finger Mouse

I have been sitting incorrectly at work. I lean on my right/mousing hand and then get something akin to a Tennis Elbow. It’s not huge, but I knew I needed to fix it.

As Internet luck would have it, I stumbled across the Finger Mouse.

Finger Mouse

It arrived the day of GAYla as I was cranking out printed documents (door prize tickets, programs, etc.). I plugged it into my Mac Book Pro, showed it off to E and B&M (who came in from Austin for the “big gay fundraiser”) and went to using it immediately. Monday, I plugged it into my Dell XPS M1210 laptop at work and found that, even on a PC, it still required no set up.

It takes a little getting used to in two ways:

  • The scroll wheel is a little hard for my (probably short) thumb to reach
  • Typing is a little awkward with it resting on my index finger.

Still, these are minor adjustments. It’s waaaaaay easier than learning to use a track pad or a track ball, nevermind one of those laptop “joystick” mouses from years ago.

Another feature, the cord is not a plastic/rubber computer cord. It’s a flexible fabric cord like a very heavy shoe lace. This makes keeping it out of the way very easy.

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