Getting a Second Opinion

Once again in the same week, I’m compelled to support the writings—and in this case a quote from another source—of Lynn Gaertner-Johnston of Syntax Training in Seattle, Washington:

Get a second opinion before you send an email that is very important or intended for a large audience.

I agree with Lynn (and not her student). I’ve learned it takes ELEVEN proofreaders to ensure any copy is ready. While I know that modern technology may have made this number less, with regard to automated grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections, how often do these tools fail us? Furthermore, how often do we need someone else to read the copy for tone to ensure that the message we MEANT is the one that comes across? (Personally, I use E for this barometer in any situation that is AT ALL questionable whether it be personal or professional.)

So, before you hit send, don’t just think…..consider, too, who else might help you ensure that the message is truly the one you want to send.

Else, you might end up like the local KBTX TV station:

BRYAN-A cereal burglar sits in Brazos County Jail today after being arrested and charged with burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia yesterday afternoon.

(They meant a SERIAL ROBBER, but got both nouns mixed up!), in true fashion, made fun of them:

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