Internet (and other) Irritants part ii

“Click Here to Enter Our Site”

No! Put your site on your domain, and let me go straight to it. Don’t make me sit through some “commercial” just so you can have another click-through in your stats.

Music That Automatically Plays

Whether it’s a MySpace page or a website, I am already using the sounds in my comptuer and listening to my iPod. Have a button and let me choose to pause my music to hear yours, if I want to!

Slideshows That Are Already Time-controlled

Again, I want to see your pictures at my pace (which will be faster than your’s, I’m sure). Furthermore, I want to pause and reflect on the images that move me. I get to decide what those are. You don’t.


Hyper-critical people are just too negative. There is a huge difference between bashing something and offering ideas about it.

Constructive criticism is supposed to be just that, constructive. It includes real ideas and suggestions that are definitive enough to be implemented. Like goal setting, it must be realistic and attainable. Internet Trolls are just hyper-critical with no suggestions or ideas to go with their dislikes and complaints. The worst of these offenders claim that they are engaging in constructive criticism.

According to

Constructive criticism – criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something

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