House Bunny!

As a Greek, I’m against any media that severely ridicules the Greek system. At the same time, I’m not without a sense of humor, and I know good parody when I see it.

As an example, if you listen to the Directors’ notes on Legally Blonde, you’ll learn that Reese Witherspoon spent some time on campus with a sorority so she could learn the culture. She was quick to report that the “ee-ee-e-e-e” sound that we Greek girls do so well is not the least bit fake nor is it a vye for attention. Instead, she points out, it’s a real and genuine excitement for one another.

So, I watched the previews for House Bunny with hope (and a little fear! After all, there are some Playboy Mansion and Hugh Hefner references). I believe the movie plans to make the ZETAs [1] out to be the smart, pretty-in-the-making, heroines of the movie.

And besides, if you have to choose between the typical retired/out-of-touch house mom and someone hip/in-the-know, who would you want?

According to the previews, House Bunny promises to gently tease the Greek system and my own Fraternity[1] in particular. We’ll see if the move can live up to the same scrutiny.

Of course, as most of you know, I do not go to movies in the theater. There have been rare exceptions to this. Each time I make an exception, I seem to get the bad end of the deal (kids kicking my seat, people talking on the phone, tweens acting like tweens who are finally away from their parents for ~2 hours, infants/toddlers in the theater, etc.). So, don’t spoil it for me! I’ll see it 6 months after it hits the theaters, on DVD.

[1]  ZTA stands for Zeta Tau Alpha and is named Zeta for short. Our colors are turquoise blue and steel gray. The movie clearly attempts to “steal” this moniker by using turquiose blue and the name ZETA on the house (where the E is already missing when the Z falls, so it looks very much like ZTA.)

[2] By definition, a Sorority is a Greek organization of women founded as the counterpart to a Greek organization fo men. A Fraternity, whether male or female, has its own founding and does not rely on the other for existence. Most (all?) “sororities” today are, technically, Fraternities of Women.

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