David Gardner’s Jewelers

part of excellent jewelry service in the Brazos Valley

When we got married, we used all the major local jewelry stores for our rings. We really did find the best of each in three different places.

  • Engagement ring: Douglas Jeweler
    As a family-recommended jeweler, Douglas really took the time to teach E the 4 C’s about diamonds and how to select a mounting for the stone.
  • L’s wedding band: David Gardner’s Jewelers
    David’s had the best match for the wedding band.
  • E’s wedding band: Montelongo’s Fine Jewlery
    E’s band has a comfort fit rolled edge that only Montelongo’s carried at the time that makes it tons nicer to wear.

So, when—shortly after the proposal—I smashed my hand/ring and needed a new mount, we went to the place where we had just purchased my band. When I wanted them soldered together, I went back to David Gardner’s because it was convenient. When the ring was too small, I returned to David’s mostly because I’d been volunteering with one of his staff members. I was pleased to find that the ring was simply out of round and did not need the expensive repair of additional gold added. David’s even buffed a nick out of my class ring one time. So, when I looked down this weekend and found a prong sprung and the stone alarmingly loose, I went back to my now-habitual store.

Every time I enter David & Julia’s store, I’m treated like a princess. Every time I go, there are several people dropping thousands of dollars on beautiful bobbles. I’m certainly the “smallest” customer in the room. However, I’m treated just like everyone else. For all anyone would know, I’m going to spend $20K on a new watch or cocktail ring. The most interesting part is that since buying the band (and probably repairing the crown the time I smashed it), I’ve not spent a penny in the store. Every time I go, it’s “no charge”. Granted, everything I’ve ever had done was a quick fix that needed no new metals. But, I still feel like the customer service they give me is the same that they give to everyone else.

To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever been in Douglas’s shop. And, the times I’ve been to Montelongo’s for very minor repairs to very affordable pieces, I’ve been treated with the same level of respect and courtesey. I’m sure those stores are just as nice as David’s. I just fell into a routine and pattern.

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