Poor Baby Truck part i

I have lost track of how many tires we have repaired or replaced on Baby Truck.  Once there were even so many repairs in the same tire, that we expired the warranty early. I even had two flats at once back in April.

It’s interesting because I drive ~all the same places E does and he rarely has flats. We buy good tires for the truck, so what is the difference?

So, last week, when I noticed a slow leak in a tire, I kept an eye on it. We filled up the tire and saw it a little low again a few days later.

We decided that Baby Truck’s tires are slutty:
they pick up everything and like to get nailed.

Saturday, we took Baby Truck to Sam’s only to learn that the nail (again???) was in the side and could not be repaired. We had a little bit of warranty left on the tire, but it was little enough that we decided, instead, to try Fix-a-Flat. We chose poorly. About 20 hours after putting it in, I pulled into our driveway for lunch only to hear a loud hissing sound when I got out. Air was leaving the tire so fast that I could see the truck sinking.

Thanks to E taking a very long lunch, buying a new jack (we’ve done this so many times that my jack is worn out), and delivering the rim to Discount tire, it is fixed.

On the way home from picking up the tire, we also saw two “superheros” dressed in all black, capes included, standing on the side of Texas Avenue facing the northbound traffic each with one hand on a hip and one fist in the air like they were about to take off. I Twittered this and got several requests for pictures, but I had to explain to everyone that E wouldn’t drive around the block so we could pass them again. It certainly was an odd site, however.

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