Poor Baby Truck part iii

So today, I’m running some errands when I get pulled over by a cop. Since I was sitting at a red light, I couldn’t imagine why. I looked in the bottom corner of my windshield and I knew. DAMMIT.

E and I never miss inspection or registration. We are so careful since it’s so easy/cheap. I mentioned that we always get a reminder. The officer was quick to alert me that we don’t get reminders for inspections, only registration.

:: sigh ::

He was nice. I was wrong. So, don’t read too much into this next part.

When I asked him how much these tickets run, he had no clue. He told me to call the number on the back.[1] What? Have you been watching gas prices or the news? Do you know the current price of staple items like cheese? You are giving a ticket for something so very minor and you don’t even know how much it is? Turns out: $140-170! Are you kidding me? ~$150 for a $15 inspection? Now, again, I know that I was in the wrong and deserve the ticket. I just don’t see that the punishment is just.

At the same time, I hope that when I read the police blotter for the day that Bryan was 100% crime free, today. I’d hate to learn that he could have prevented “real” crime if he’d not been concerned with a single digit number on a sticker on my truck.

Poor Baby Truck!

[1] When I did call the number on the back, I got stuck in an infinite loop in Call Processing Hell and couldn’t get a human who could answer questions.

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