Knee Surgery for MomL

E’s Mom has had weak/bad knees for years. They have kept her from enjoying anything that requires much/any standing or walking. After suffering through, the doctors finally said she had to have replacements. Being a strong woman, she wanted to get them both done at once and get it over with. The doctors wouldn’t let her since she’d not have a way to stand to do the therapy required for healing. So, a few days before Thanksgiving, she went under the knife. Between pre-op and post-op xrays, her femur developed a hairline fracture. So, recovery for this knee will be 4 months instead of 3 (and then they’ll work on the left knee.)

We spent a day or so before Thanksgiving helping rearrange furniture and build a ramp so moving around the house with a walker was easier. E and his siblings are really giving a team effort into her care. (She’s probably sick of us and ready to have some peace and quiet!)

I missed Thanksgiving due to a stomach bug, but E reports that she managed just fine and even was able to take a nap.

We are spending a couple of days/nights with her over the next two weeks. Then, one of E’s sisters plans to come into down to stay a week. Since we don’t have kids/Santa to deal with, we volunteered to take Christmas Eve, too.

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