Finding Your Soulmate

Now let me start this by saying it is not foolproof. After all, it’s not exactly how E and I found one another. However, in our observations, it has a pretty successful rate of return.

There are two “suggestions” for finding your soulmate. Again, since they aren’t foolproof, “rules” would be too strong of a word.

  1. You have to give up looking. Fall in love with yourself and the idea of being alone. It’s not until you are comfortable with not being in a relationship, that fate will send one along. Let the butterfly come to you. (This did happen to my side of our relationship. In fact, most of you know I didn’t go out with E when he initially asked.)
  2. Buy a house. Yeppers. We can name several cases of friends who, within months of buying a house on their own, met the love of their life.

Bonus tip: When in doubt, catch the bouquet. One friend of ours (ahem!) refuses to participate in this wedding tradition. I’ve tried to convince her that it’s not as much about catching the bride’s used flowers, but it’s about confirming to the single men in the room that you are, in fact, single. I have one more anecdote that goes with this part, but it will have to wait a short while before I can tell the rest. I don’t want to jinx anything.

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