the end of an era

Today, we announced the closing of Brazos Valley QueSt, the 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit that we started back in the fall of 2003. We’ve been hosting the “big gay fundraiser”, GAYla, each spring and a Homecoming-themed scholarship event each fall. It’s been a great way to give back to an often-hated part of our community.

There is one big reason and a particular catalyst for the closing. A lack of volunteers was, of course, the group’s biggest challenge. Because of this and the catalyst, we had considered closing twice last October and decided to give it one more try for the 2009 GAYla. We scaled the event way back and had a great time at a relaxed party where we were entertained by the area’s only (and award-winning) improvisational comedy troupe, Freudian Slip. As committee members, we had a great time…and it was for a good cause.

In writing our “goodbye” letter today, I reviewed our donations over the years. Wow. I didn’t realize how much we had done. And, I only had rough/big numbers handy; I didn’t take the time to chase down all the little things we did in between. You can’t really ask for a happier ending to a good thing. GAYla didn’t start with us; we just picked it up when it ran out of volunteers. We then expanded on that with other events. Hopefully, someone else will take the next chapter in working with this part of our community.

To all of you who have traveled in, attended, donated money/services/product, volunteered, sent your love and support from afar, etc: Thank You! Your support of humanity means more to me, personally, than you’ll ever know.

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