Classy Ghetto

Tonight, on my drive from Bryan to Flower Mound for Texas Photography School (starts at 9am in the morning), I buzzed through a Jack in the Box for supper. I felt like I was thrown back into the—ahem, town—that is Paris, Texas when I pulled up behind this beautiful car.

Classy Ghetto

Classy Ghetto - plates number erased to protect the guilty! Click for a larger view.

I really think they missed the mark a bit and could have gone all out, here. I mean, “Classsiee Ghhhetttoooh!” would have been so much better…but then they’d need a wider car.

Apologies for the bad image. As you can tell, it was raining and my camera phone is pretty crappy. In hind sight, I kinda wish I’d had pulled out my big “wedding” camera so I could have done this car the justice it deserves.



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