He said what?

In hopes of getting rid of a bunch of stuff, we held a moving sale in mid-August. We wanted to sell some furniture and, in the proess of packing, had found more “junque” (that’s a fancy word for junk) we didn’t want.

Since the For Sale sign was still in the yard, we got a lot of questions and just general interest; we explained that we had moved. What was more perplexing, however, was the vast number of people who asked “Who’s house is that?” Our house was unique, with cedar exterior and adetached garage that matched; we think it’s obvious. When we would explain that it was our house, they would point to Jes’ house and ask, “Then who lives there?” “Um, our neighbor.”

About mid-morning of our sale we hit a lull except for one Hispanic family. While the wife shopped and kids played, the husband just kept eyeing our house. I suggested to E that he take him in to see it. During the tour the guy asked who bought it and E told him about Jesus. They were gone for about twenty minutes when the wife asked me, “Have you seen my husband.” I told her I thought he was inside looking at the house. She was satisfied with that answer and kept browsing our junque.

Inside the house, the guy kept asking E, “So a _Mexican_ bought this house?” a single guy?” “So a Mexican bought _this_ house?” Yes, Mr. Hispanic Garage Sale Friend, a single Mexican man bought our Colorado-inspired post-and-beam-foundation, cedar-exeterior, bachelor pad.” And we know he’ll love it as much as we did!

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