And They Knit?

Tonight, I went to my first Austin knitting group. I’d been meaning to go to this one for a while. It meets at The Dig Pub, an archeology-themed bar with great food, and doesn’t conflict with the many other events that are all held on Thursdays. 🙂 Finally, tonight, I could get there.

Before I left the apartment, I told myself that I’d probably like-but-not-love the members. I didn’t want to get hooked/sucked into a group that met on a weekly basis. I was prepared to like them in a once-a-month kind of way. [1]

The organizer was near the front at a high-top, not in the back on the couches like I had expected. Her name is Stephanie. (Vuja De, anyone?) Call me nervous.

As each member arrived, I instantly felt like I had a lot in common with the whole group. Two are writers in marketing/communications. One is a daughter of a teacher; the organizer is married to a teacher. We all seemed to have the same philosophy and ideals. Stephanie is from a small (backwoods) town like me and even has a funky last name.

And, for our single friends: Jen is gorgeous, from one of the Cy- towns west of Houston, and is single.

So, like I need something ELSE to “do”. But, as long as our family and friend keep making babies, I still need to make them nice blankets (and I’m woefully behind on that task and would like to get back on track). I think knitters at Dig might be another standing-unless-something-really-important-comes-up group for me.

[1] Oh how jaded did Bryan College Station leave me, anyway? I mean, it’s been years since B. was cruel-mean to me–and longer still since the real beeatch of the group left. (J. was so bad that we didn’t have a new member for years, not for more than one visit to the group!)

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