@ll’s Twitter updates for 2009-09-17

  • @LAR You’re too kind! @brianboyko I’m enormously flattered to be grouped with Lani!!! #
  • @IleenieWeenie not that I know of but I have CS4 & can save it down for you. #
  • @IleenieWeenie im all over a Sushi tweetup! @amandastewart nom! #
  • Wow! What a story! Go ‘Canes!!! Whoosh whoosh! RT @canechick Great UM story: http://bit.ly/bvr0Z #
  • RT @IleenieWeenie Sushi tweetup! Who’s in? @amandastewart @andreaschulle @ll @SonnyJohns #
  • RT @hurricanesports Kickoff vs. Georgia Tech, Tonight at 6:30pm CDT at Land Shark Stadium. #
  • @spam inspiredlife09 #
  • @aggiediva you must be following Matt on Twitter! It’s funny what some will insist upon for the portraits. Those poor photogs! #
  • VERY cool! RT @paul_steele 10 Bizarre playgrounds from around the world http://bit.ly/UWBcu #
  • Rating netflix movies (We’re new members!) and changing the background for @asyouwish #
  • @brianboyko Sorry to hear they had to say no. They need to raise their rates, though. $30 per gig is far far far below minimum wage. #
  • WANT! I needs this to get from the front door to the car! RT @paul_steele A staircase u could have fun dusting 🙂 http://bit.ly/3oHhO #
  • TONIGHT: University of Miami Hurricanes vs Georgia Tech @ Land Shark Stadium 7:30EDT/6:30Central. Watch ESPN. Go ‘Canes!!! Whoosh whoosh!!!! #
  • Uh-oh, @bennrosales, Ima-fraid @LAR is gonna “need” another critter. RT @paul_steele Ok its awwwww of the day time 🙂 http://bit.ly/IkQmZ #
  • @jodisatwit hey, if hedging is what it takes to get you back on Twitter, then So. Be. IT. 😉 j.k. Where you been, Girlie? Miss YOU! #
  • @omarg http://twitpic.com/i30gz – I saw these guys on Tuesday but I was driving and couldn’t get a pic. Though it was for 16 de Septiemb … #
  • funny girl @jodisatwit has to “make time for twitter”. Whatev. but, yes, new phones help a GREAT deal. #
  • Funny things you’ll find w/a few Google alerts. A ZTA chapter I advised just won first place in a dance “shakedown”. http://bit.ly/sZYFW #
  • @Rotary_Austin I’m glad to hear your group is working on progress. There are so many needs for civic/charity organizations! #
  • time.com’s content management sucks. I want to go back to the first image in a story, but have to click through them all. #

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