@ll’s Twitter updates for 2009-09-22

  • Ain’t that the truth! RT @funnyoneliners Some days just don’t feel right until you’ve closed a car door on somebody’s head. (via @gknauss) #
  • @chrisfixedkitty If you thnk you can learn that part of crochet via phone or email, I’ll be happy to try to teach you. #
  • We’re at Howdy’s in Hutto! Stumbled upon opening night and have OUTSTANDING food and service. We will definitely be back. Whoop! #
  • . @E285 is drving our new Scion xD home while we skip Monday Nght Football. #
  • @chrisfixedkitty August is always a down month for weddings in Texas. Just. Too. effin’. Hot. Sept/Oct pick back up. #
  • @coffeyfiend In one forum I read, they use green text for sarcasm. Doesn’t work too well on Twitter. #
  • @cpmatus Both of us, but it’s my truck we turned in so mostly me. We hope to trade his car in 1-2 years. #
  • @johnhummel teee heee heeeeeee…. The picture didn’t do it justice, of course. #
  • @stealingsand nu-uh! I have the best husband ever, @E285 ! </ more bragging > #
  • @roybragg Except that they are your/good kids, a van-load of them sounds hellacioius! #
  • @stealingsand Isn’t it just grand to be with your perfect match??? #
  • waaaay cool! RT @annamunoz RT @NWF Using “Conservation Dogs” To Sniff Out Endangered Species For Protection: http://su.pr/2FhpQf #
  • RT @stealingsand @ll It really is 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one. Really gets old having to hide happiness! #
  • RT @asyouwish Book now for October: Portrait Sessions & Portrait Parties benefit #SusanGKomen. http://bit.ly/7XiKm #
  • I wanna follow whomever she’s following! RT @AmberAusten Your tweets are mellifluous, they captivate me,… #
  • RT @Mansionofterror Austin’s Biggest & Best Haunted House opens this weekend! Are you excited? #hauntedhouse #
  • Another fan here! I want to be Abby when I grow up. RT @IleenieWeenie @austindirtydog Yeah, NCIS. Love me some Tony D. #
  • Thanks! It’s pink for our October promotion for Portrait Sessions & Portrait Parties! RT @LAR @asyouwish i dig the pink logo #
  • I <3 my allergist. She asked if I’d had a flu shot. I said no, that I don’t believe in them. She just said, “ok let me make a note of that.” #
  • Just listed myself at http://localtweeps.com. List yourself to Find and Get Found by tweeps near you! #
  • Dream Dinners is making us some yummy pork burritos this evening. They are perfect for this chilly/rainy day. NOM! Tonight, we TV! #

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