@ll’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-02

  • @spam @briciszmarketer #
  • Watching Bambi and loving the reunion scene where all the animals are grown up & learning about spring love…. TWITTERPATED! #
  • @SheilaS I have an appointment at Dream Dinners and sadly have to miss the Junior’s version of Jelly Coworking tomorrow. 🙁 #
  • And THERE is the storm….we’ve had the new car for ~10 days and it’s about to hail. Figures. #
  • Busy day, already and ahead. Happy Friday, everyone. #
  • #ff ZTA edition @ZTAFraternity @mickeygomez @crewt @fitchicknyc #
  • #ff austin edition @LAR @sheilas @@lifeinaustin @keepaustinwierd @ibuyaustin @grouponaustin #
  • #ff austin edition @ileenieweenie @jenwojcik @omarg @ValerieKusler @katmandelstein @incslinger @genaustin @maczter @slavetofashion #
  • RT @dawnbugni @ErinKennedyCPRW Can I lie on my resume…. just a little? http://bit.ly/i9nXT (Excellent info!!) #
  • @LAR WHEN are “they” going 2 figure out Twitter works because it encourages mutual following?…which allows 4 conversations 2b 2-way! #
  • RT @omarg Blog post: “Sorry, iPhoners: AT&T networks not holding up at ACL” http://bit.ly/digsav #acl #
  • @slavetofashion You are welcome! #
  • @IleenieWeenie awwwww. I’ll have to brag: “I made someone who goes by IleenieWeenie blush!” tee hee hee and LOL! #

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