@ll’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-27

  • RT @omarg “Chicken-fried bacon!?” my wife asked. Don’t mind us. We’re just gearing up for Wurstfest. #
  • Loving the music I’m hearing for H’ween! Monster Mash and Time Warp were both on radio/muzak this am! #
  • RT @stephensurefire: Reading: 69% of People Would Live with Ghosts for Cheaper Rent – http://ow.ly/wUZu – fun halloween fact for ya. #
  • Is Twitter slow for anyone else today? Just ~20 minutes behind, it seems. #
  • @WriteRCastle Love that the opening message is that one of the vampires died! LOL. #
  • @annamunoz how do you expect a fair answer when you tie our hands like that? 😉 #

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