@ll’s Twitter updates for 2009-10-29

  • @LAR what? How can you NOT want Halloween on tv? Besides, with a DVR don’t u get 2 choose? #
  • Just had the most glass-art-educational conversation with @idodoodle so I could help new friends from Seattle who are visiting Austin. #
  • The pink party 4 Susan G Komen is a huge success. If u r in Austin, get down to the Belmont Terrace. #
  • @LAR so the World Series is the same to you? #
  • @sheilas yeah maybe but those imperfections make you more personable. … #
  • Having dinner next door (almost) to Benihana. Thinking of my friend Jessica and wishing it was the kind of place for one. #
  • So, according 2 disclaimer, I need baseball’s permission 2 blog/Tweet bout da game? I think commissioner o baseball SUX! #
  • RT @FreelanceAustin Yes there’s Jelly Coworking Round Rock this Friday, 11-2 at Star Co on Main St. #
  • LOL!!!! RT @SheilaS @ll I don’t need any more danged personality than I already have. lol #
  • @ggroovin friendorfollow.com said you weren’t following me back…. #
  • @SonnyJohns You are making me blush! Thank you! #
  • @sellurcellular I won’t be at #innotechaustin today. It’s a bit more geek than me, I think. #
  • Muggy day in Austin. WHERE did fall go? #
  • @LAR Probably not for your article, but in 1999, Bonfire fell at Texas A&M. (Nov. 18th, on the anniversary of the first one from 1907) #
  • wow. It took me until ~now to get through email/facebook/etc. Y’all were busy little beavers last night! Oh, & I changed Turtleor’s water #

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