Tales from Hallowe’en Friends

Some of our kindred spirits now live in the Deep South and threw a Hallowe’en party this year. Since I knew they would want a keg of Shiner, I asked about getting it, there.

Funny you should ask about the Shiner…Shiner ships here, so we get bottles easily, but this whole area…is weird about draft beer…There is NO draft beer available in the county that we live in or the next one over…not in bars, nothing. The only reason that draft beer is served in [town]…is that they just got a minor league baseball team a few years ago, and part of the contract was that there would be draft beer available at games. I know we are in the Bible belt, but I have no idea why draft beer would be more evil than bottled or canned. So because of that, the only place to get a personal keg was at the on base military liquor store…..The only other option was to drive about 50 miles from here to a place that needs 2 weeks notice for anything other than cheap swill.

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