iPhone for Verizon, PLEASE

AT&T—or CinguATT as I like to call them—is the reason I don’t have an iPhone. I don’t know what Apple was thinking when they signed an exclusive deal. If you’re going to sign exclusive, be sure it is with a company that represents your same values of quality and customer service. Really! After all, any other wedding vendor would have to be utterly perfect for me to sign an exclusive deal with them. How is this any different?

So, I still don’t have an iPhone. Even when we got to leave/renew contracts in September, I went with the Samsung Rogue on Verizon. E did the same. Even the almighty iPhone could not sway either of usĀ  to the evils of AT&T.

I thought I was the Lone Ranger fighting the good fight…until my friend Justin posted on his blog this week. Not only does he not have an iPhone. He had one and ditched it because of AT&T’s crappy service.

So, I no longer feel so lame. And, I hope the rest of you who are suffering with crappy service to keep a cool device will also stand up to “the man”.

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