Double The Pleasure; Double The Fun

Ever since we moved here, I’ve been wondering why Thursdays are so popular for events. We can have our calendars ~wide open for Monday and Tuesday evenings. Wednesdays have a few things every other week or so. But Thursdays tend to 1-2 events every week and sometimes 3 events on the same night/time seeking the exact same niche within their audience. Even in a city where there are plenty of people to go around, this has caused tension within that group. Frankly, when that happens, I usually end up going to nothing. Just looking at the calendar makes me tired. ha!

This past week, however, some holiday something was being discussed. I didn’t pay much attention. I was making a polite excuse to miss and commented that “everything” in this town happens on Wednesday and Thursday. Another woman in our conversation circle summed it up better than I’ve been able to so far. It went a little something like this:

“In Austin, Wednesday evening is like Friday night. So, Thursday is Saturday night. And, then, Friday is Friday, again, and Saturday is Saturday.”

So, every week has two weekends!

Double The Pleasure; Double The Fun

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